Hello, and welcome to my little website. Its primary purpose is to provide professional information about me. It may also become a home for some of my writing and photography.


My name is Valen Jones. There are other people who also have this name, so you might like to verify that you have the right person. I am the Valen Jones who is located in New York City, works with information technology, and majors in English at Fordham University. My social media presence consists of the following: I have a professional profile on LinkedIn, a Flickr account, and content on some Stackexchange sites. I also have a Twitter account and a Mastodon account. (Currently, I have no content on either of those sites.)

Writing and Other Stuff

I may post some of my writing  on this site. If I keep it up, my output will likely be eclectic. My interests include adult education, the media, language, music, film, photography, stationery, and information technology.